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Literature review on purchasing and supply chain management

with the concept of supply chain management found in the literature analysed. This table is not intended to provide a comprehensive review of supply chain definitions (see for example Cooper, Lambert and Pagh ), rather the purpose here is to highlight some of the contrasting approaches to supply chain management existing in the literature.

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A Literature review on selection and evaluation of sustainable supplier chain.

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16:07 Tygosar:
Tanner 72 counters this argument, however, by suggesting that the organisational buying behaviour literature may still have insights to offer to an understanding of buyer—supplier relationships, particularly in terms of thinking about what happens inside the buying organisation that has an impact on relationships with particular suppliers. The traditionalist perspective sees SCM as a strategic aspect or subset of procurement, concerned particularly with supplier development and building collaborative supply relationships.

22:15 Murg:
These insights are at a generic level, however.

15:49 Kaziramar:
Buvik 60 identifies the use of theoretical perspectives drawing on sociology organisational decision-making theory, resource dependency theory and economics agency theory, transaction cost analysis, game theory.