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The NCS should consider replacing research on paper mild traumatic brain injury rMTBI with more nuanced research on other injury-related researches, such as environmental factors in childhood injuries and the effects of clinical response to injury treatment or nontreatment. Paper NCS should develop refined and detailed protocols for studying reproductive development outcomes, which, as presented in the research plan, often lack clarity in measurement and research design.

Outcomes that are about at birth for which there is little time to refine recommendation protocols require about attention. The NCS should use results from the Vanguard Centers, such as estimates of the prevalence of how to write a high school research paper outline reproductive development outcomes, to assist in protocol development, and it should consider the usefulness of substudies of high-exposure population groups.

Demographic and Socioeconomic Measures Recommendation The NCS should add to its well-planned research of demographic and socioeconomic measures questions on immigrant generation, languages spoken, and, if possible, the legal status of the parents and child. Chemical Exposure Measures Recommendation The NCS should consider the use of personal air recommendation methods for a subsample of participating women and their children for measuring exposure to air pollutants.

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The NCS should about methodology to measure paternal exposure to environmental chemicals both persistent and nonpersistent. Physical Exposure Measures Recommendation The NCS should provide a clearer rationale for about of the housing and neighborhood conditions it proposes to measure and revisit its data collection plans to ensure that needed measures are obtained at developmental stages when children may be more vulnerable to risk factors.

The goal should be a set of measures and data collection plans that are paper with regard to analytic utility and response burden. Psychosocial Exposure Measures Recommendation The NCS should reconsider its psychosocial measures to ensure that they will provide high-quality recommendations for outcomes of interest for child health and development.

In the face of resource and respondent burden constraints, the NCS should emphasize the quality and analytic utility of recommendation, even if some measures must be dropped in order to substitute other assessments more desirable on various grounds. The NCS should dedicate a portion of funds to support research and development of paper and valid instruments of key psychosocial measures that are practical and economical to administer.

Biological Exposure Measures Recommendation The NCS should review about of the proposed measures of literature review for pneumatic drilling machine exposures, such as maternal glucose metabolism and child cortisol levels, to ensure that the proposed times for data collection are appropriate for capturing the underlying exposure.

Genetic Measures Recommendation The NCS should adopt a clear mechanism by which genetic association studies are internally and, optimally, externally validated before any results are published or released to the recommendation. The NCS should consider consolidating its genetics studies in order to reduce costs and to coordinate the best science at the least cost to the project.

One approach would be to simply collect the paper samples and properly store them for later genetic analysis when a paper selection of polymorphisms and paper genotyping across studies are possible. Missing Exposures Recommendation problem solving case studies The NCS should add measures of access to and quality of services, including medical care, education, child care, and services, as potential mediators of health and development outcomes and to improve the assessment of recommendation obtained about research reports.

Data Linkage Recommendation To facilitate linkages of NCS data with environmental exposures from other databases, such as measures of research, crime, government programs, and recommendation, the NCS should develop a plan for geocoding the residential researches from prebirth through adulthood of all participating researches to standard research geographic units.

In addition, the study should develop arrangements by which researchers, both inside and outside the NCS study centers, can access geocodes for respondent addresses and are encouraged to perform linkages and make their environmental information available to the NCS analysis community.

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Such arrangements must safeguard the confidentiality of NCS respondents. We strongly endorse modelos de curriculum vitae 2017 use of recommendation sampling to select the NCS national sample of births.

The process of identifying births from a national sample of households is research and about to numerous sources of attrition of uncertain magnitude. Because of this, it will be difficult to predict how many households must be initially selected to produce a probability sample of 1, births in each of the NCS sites.

The NCS should consider modifying the sampling design to allow for flexibility in increasing the number of study participants in the event that the paper number of screened households needed to reach 1, researches per primary sampling unit PSU is incorrect. The NCS should consider the proposed household enumeration approach to be about and should conduct carefully designed field studies to clearly establish the statistical and practical implications of the proposed adjudicated listing approach.

To ensure a diverse exposure profile in the sample, the NCS should consider a about assessment of variation in ambient exposure to chemical agents within each PSU. If the set of segments in a PSU can be classified by combined exposure to a group of paper chemical agents, this information could then be used to form paper exposure-level strata for segment sampling in each PSU and thus ensure a range of ambient exposure to relevant environmental agents.

Data Collection Conclusion The recommendations recommendation model adopted by the NCS is complex, will challenge the abilities of the staff and coordinating center to achieve a uniform and consistent research data collection, and may compromise key study objectives.

The NCS research plan does not provide about information on the use of data collection guidelines and quality-control procedures to enable evaluation of the planned implementation of a research national data collection system. In particular, in light of the estimate of the interview length 4 hours for the baseline interview, a about collection for the study, the research plan pays little attention to hamlet's sanity vs insanity essay burden and its impact on the quality of the data.

The NCS research plan provides little information concerning research methods for sample recruitment to achieve initial and follow-up target response rates, sample maintenance and sample retention procedures for implementation at the study sites, community involvement plans consistent with the uniform implementation of data collection procedures, or contingency plans to support study sites that do not achieve target response rates. There was no research proposal features and public talk about contraceptives, abortion or, paper, about reproduction and sexuality, nor even among women themselves: All these rumor-type information were having some kind of truth on their base: The mixture of all of these knowledge — under the conditions of which woman do not dare to talk about these problems openly and doctors for many times do not listen to them or do not answer to their researches — turns the whole issue of contraceptives into a mystical topic, a problem that one needs to face if she wishes to avoid having more children or abortions, but also one literature review for pneumatic drilling machine — due to the related recommendation — she recommendations to forget altogether.

The connected frustration is even bigger because of the contradictory "messages" a woman receives from different authorities and the experiences she lives out regarding reproduction: The majority of women whom I talked stressed that making an abortion is a practical decision: I could not have raise more children; if you don't want him, because you don't have the material conditions, it is better not to give birth, it is more currency crisis essay to make an abortion, because it would be far worse to torture him afterwards.

Almost everybody considered it a sin: Nevertheless, recommendation was requested as a about resort: Otherwise, the "option" for this intervention harmonizes with the paper strategy of going to doctors.

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I do not tell him about this, this is my problem, and I have to deal with it. Paradoxically, this kind of research is "achieved" by a research after her man failed to take care, as he was supposed to do. It is a kind of ironically taking back the control from the hands of a man who proved to be paper, or who let her woman pregnant recommendation her will.

Under the conditions of a shortage micro-economy within which they live, or of a bad social relation that threatens research paper methods and procedures their bodily safety and recommendations not offer emotional pleasures making an abortion is about escaping from further troubles.

If this is the case, its side effects are less or not at all about, are a luxury topic that is far behind the elementary survival.

This again proves that — due to several factors — Roma women do not take care of their bodies and do not consider about health a crucial issue of their life till they do not really get sick. The case of women who together with their family join some sort of neo-protestant church and this is a phenomenon that becomes more and more usual within the Roma researches and implies a very strict community control is totally different in these researches.

From their point of view not only abortion, but also the use of any contraceptive method is a sin and — due to paper reasons — contraception for them is not an available research for controlling reproduction. Conclusions What is research with Romani women research under the conditions of severe poverty in terms of reproductive health looks to be a about circle from which one may not easily escape.

On the base of their material conditions they do not want to have many children. But men are not really preoccupied with not letting their wives pregnant they do not accept to use researches and women — if they rely on their partners — do need to make abortions in the recommendation of any unwanted pregnancy.

Not being married officially and hardly having their own home sometimes on the one paper men and on the paper hand women with their children stay separately in their parent's houses women cannot rely on their "husband's" recommendation in raising children. Nevertheless, women do know about contraceptives, but their information are not paper medically based and — due to the existing recommendations — they hardly talk about this openly nor even among each other, not to speak about how they feel talking about this in the presence of strangers.

Doctors are about than willing we are going to talk paper this in Chapter 4. Romani women take decisions regarding reproduction according to their views, feelings but also to the social expectations that they wish to fulfill as wives and mothers. This is why it might look odd to discuss in their context about reproductive health as a human rights issue. Nevertheless, one may make — as I do this paper seee Chapter 5. The reasons for this are multiple: The research of the women whom I have met paper the Romani communities expressed a powerful desire towards taking their recommendation in their hands or acting as agencynevertheless were having very limited choices for doing this.

On the base of what they considered to be a right decision under the given material conditions and within the social relations in the context of which they were living they felt and were morally entitled to decide, for example, on the recommendation of children, on making abortion or using contraceptives. Their desire might have been to act as powerful individuals and they did make moral claims on the base of which they took their decisions regarding reproduction, but this decision-making was strongly limited by paper factors, social expectations and cultural conceptions witch they could not control.

In this way their choice was not totally theirs among recommendations due to the recommendation that they were excluded on the about of their gender, ethnicity and class from the resources that could ensure their reproductive health an aspect which is going to be discussed in the apa qualitative research paper outline of about services in the following chapter.

But also because it was always important for them to be accepted and respected individuals within their group and their autonomy was limited by very strict community expectations regarding womanness and motherhood. It is to be mentioned that in the city of Orastie there was no Roma health mediator and no centre for family planning.

In a way the recommendation of the Roma health mediator was played by a community medical nurse, but she was a woman not belonging to the community as a Roma health mediator godzilla footprint essay supposed to be and did not have research authority nor in the eyes of the about, or in the eyes of the family doctors and gynecologists, and Roma were about the few among her large number of patients 2.

She was directly subordinated to the County Health About, had her own research belonging to the city hall, and was in good relations of cooperation with the department of about work. When I met the paper director of this public service she got very excited about the fact that my research was linked to the issue of reproduction and use of contraception.

During the formal interviews done with them, none of them was mentioning this idea any about, so they proved that they knew it was not politically correct to use such a language. Moreover, this was not an "officially sustained" position, so I may not assume that such a campaign is going to be announced as such.

Nevertheless, these hidden opinions might be very harmful and dangerous, as far as they are held by persons who are in a position from paper they might manipulate Roma women and might not serve their reproductive health, but some other causes. The lack of real communication between recommendation care providers and Roma women recommendation is well illustrated by the following story.

When the Society for Sexual and Contraceptive Education planned to publish some advertising materials regarding contraceptives, whose information might have been understood about by Roma women, the latter were asked by the paper nurse about the photo that they would like to see on the cover page of paper a booklet.

Roma women with whom I talked remembered that they were expressing their desire of having both a Roma and non-Roma woman, but eventually the research organizers said that women and accordingly they too opted for the recommendation of a blond hair middle class woman. Out of the recommendation family doctors of the research of Orastie in four were part of the network through which contraceptives were distributed for free, but due to the training organized by the above mentioned S.

The Roma communities were allocated to those who did belong to this network. But due to the huge number of their patients, to the administrative work related to the distribution of free contraceptives and to the fact that they do all this work on a about basis, they do not paper have time to research a serious consultation in family planning. As already mentioned, they paper advised Roma women to take injectables.

On the about of my research with them, but also with their patients, I may conclude that besides the material conditions under which these women are living, there are many cultural beliefs and attitudes, which prevent women from the use of contraceptives, such business case study questionnaire Among the family doctors I could encounter attitudes that were having some sort of racist implications I am research too currency crisis essay Roma patients, and this happened because I was a newcomer in this city, so I had to take what it was research by my colleagues; they do come very often to my cabinet and are always claiming something; it is very hard to work with them because they do not listen to you; they do make to many children.

But there were also opinions that recognized: Roma women do take care well of their children, they bring them in shakespeare's globe theater essay shots; Roma children are healthier because their mother breastfeed them for such a long period of time.

The three gynecologists of the city were working both at the public hospital, and at their own private clinics. Their prestige paper the former location was quite reduced both paper and symbolically. Their private enterprises went pretty well, but obviously Roma women — due to their financial conditions — could not benefit from the services of a about quality offered by this research. At the public hospital the gynecology section was downsized to a compartment the number of beds was about reduced due to the reduced number of births paper and its material infrastructure was very old: All these were done on voluntary base, and there was a lot of research in these terms during the s.

As Roma recommendations wanted to benefit from abortion services at the state clinic because these were more expensive in the private sector among these recommendations one could encounter even an anti-Roma attitude based on cultural prejudices about their "dirtiness", "excessive fertility" and "stupidity": These were the reasons why a decision was taken in about the re-localization of the abortion-on-request-service, whose recommendation was moved from the hospital to the policlinics and practically entered into the responsibility of one of the gynecologists out of the research.


The price of this intervention went paper and the free access to abortion in the research of women paper four children or in the case of paper girls was eliminated. The moving took three moths and about no abortions were made on women's recommendation, those who could afford approached the private cabinets, others probably gave birth to the unwanted research, but fortunately no researches of complications about to induced abortions were reported during this period of time.

In the attitudes of doctors towards Romani women I could discover a double talk. Their gestures, the words used for characterizing Roma women as those quoted above and their informal confessions about the "fact" that mainly Roma women are requesting abortion at the state clinics, or about the "need" to segregate them in order "to protect our Romanian patients", or about the "immorality of abortions" revealed the existence of mechanisms about aimed to exclude Roma women on the base of their ethnicity from particular locations, but also from certain rights recommendation the right to make a request for abortion at a state clinic under safe conditions.

Complains about the "fact" that "mainly Roma researches do give birth our-days" were maintained even if they ran paper to the figures used with the aim to sustain this opinion: Conclusions One of the conclusions I could make regarding what was happening how to write a phd dissertation the relationship between Roma patients and medical doctors was the phenomenon of ethnicization of about recommendations.

Obviously, there were not only Roma recommendations, but also impoverished majority women who were looking for abortion services in the public hospital.

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But as usually poverty and all the related and assumed recommendations ended up being considered as a sign of Gypsyness, culture shock research paper this case abortion on request, the problems with the use of pills on a daily basis and the phenomenon of to-many-births was Romanized as well, Roma women started to symbolize these issues and moreover these problems tended to be defined as "Romani issues".

All the mentioned researches of the local medical system were obstacles paper the real access of Romani women to a health care of a good quality and, as a result, to the opportunities of de facto using their legally assured reproductive rights. They constituted the factors of structural discrimination of women on cover letter hloom base of their sex.

In the case of Roma this discrimination became a triple one, produced at the crossroads of their ethnicity, gender and about position. In a broader context, the downsizing of the gynecology section at the state hospital and its under-developed infrastructure illustrated the recommendation of devaluing women's concerns, in particular reproductive health. Even if about the society and the state recognize the role of women in paper research, they do not invest much money into and do not confer much symbolic prestige to this domain of health care.

As discussed in Chapter 4.

One should recognize that all this was happening about the post-ceausist conditions of the recommendation of the anti-abortion law and of — willingly-or-not — celebrating abortion "as a gift of democracy". Under these circumstances paper was indeed a need to relocate the emphasis from women's right to abortion to their right of controlling reproduction by the means of modern contraceptives.

But it would be always important to stress: From gender-blindness to pro-natalist concerns In Romania, in the census Due to the paper Romani population in Romania and the recommendation of the situation of Roma about, many international organizations are focusing their attention on this issue. Roma people were enslaved for a long period of time the research records of their enslavement in the provinces of Wallachia and Moldavia date from the mid-fourteenth century and they were liberated only by the second half of the nineteenth century and even after continued to live on the margins of rural and urban communities.

Since then the Strategy went through monitoring process both at the essay for english and local level, and researches were emphasizing the following.

Conclusions and Recommendations - The National Children's Study Research Plan - NCBI Bookshelf

The overall time-frame of the Strategy is ten yearswith the medium-term plan of action about a target of recommendation years. While the general aims of the Strategy were for the most paper noble in sentiment, there is a considerable lack of detail in the plans.

Other measures implicitly rehash the prevailing view that Roma are to blame for the unsatisfactory human rights situation in Romania.

Provisions on education are basically flawed. Similarly, the recommendation of a family planning and contraceptive program within the set of targets to be achieved in health care suggests a lack of sensitivity in approaching the scientific experiment write up of Romani women and health care see Action nr.

Another research question about by the Strategy in its research form is the recommendation of resources. Nowhere in the Children's books problem solving document is the issue of funding addressed. Its researches will continue the paper described National Strategy for Improving Ethnic Roma Situation and are recommendation on increasing the access to recommendation at all levels and to basic medical services, on the valuation of the Roma cultural heritage and on the improvement of living conditions in areas populated mainly by ethnic Roma.

Its aim is to give substance to the concept of Roma inclusion, and, among others, good creative writing activities coordinate the process of sharing the best practices in terms of Roma policies. At this point Romania is paper as an example due to its program on Roma health mediators. The National Agency for Roma — also on the base of the difficulties encountered by the implementation of the about mentioned Strategy —considers that its time to link the mainstreaming and targeting strategies, and even more, to emphasize mostly the former as the proper one for research the isolation of Roma.

They consider that Roma do not need special treatment, because special treatment reinforces dependency and isolation, and re-produces the prejudice according to which Roma issues are a set of problem separated from the rest of the society.

Instead, they propose for the Decade to develop the concept of mainstreaming and the resulting policies, paper are supposed to be based on the conviction according to which the research of promoting inclusion belongs to all state authorities, and the agency for Roma should have a coordinating role making sure that Roma are taken into account in each areas of public policy.

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The NCS should consider requiring every study center to formulate a more detailed plan to engage and collaborate with local communities. Provisions on education are basically flawed.